I’ll admit I try to do too much and end up with little time to enjoy anything. It’s a bad habit of mine. I get excited about far too many things and forget I don’t have time for them all.

In 2017 I’m gonna try and trim my list down. I’m also gonna cut out the junk TV time (it adds up).

The hobbies I’m most interested in dedicating time to in 2017 are:

I’ve always enjoyed it and some folks at work and I are going to start a hiking group. Plus the kids are getting to the age where they can do some entry level “hikes”. The other thing is about an hour north of the city there are literally hundreds and hundreds of trails to explore. I’m super excited about the potential and hope it doesn’t fade. I always love when I get out of the city and out in nature. If  you’re interested in going anytime, let me know. PS: I picked up this cool app for map making!

Both tracking new releases and making more of my own. I rarely if ever share any of the music I make. It’s not that it’s horrible (I think), it’s just mostly something I do because I really enjoy it. Finding time to do it has been the challenge. And I want to really make sure I dedicate some time to it this year on a regular basis.

I’m really getting into photography. I’m already signed up to taking a film processing and darkroom lab class at Gowanus Dark Room. I picked up a few super cheap ($50) old 35MM cameras off Ebay and have been having a blast with them. Look for my shots over on my 365 site.

Yeah archery. I picked up a bow last year and took a class over in Gowanus where they have a range. It’s so much fun. It’s like meditation. I really like it. I’m gunning for going once a week this year. That’s ambitious and probably won’t happen, but we’ll see.

Cooking & Dinner with Friends:
I’m hopeful we can have more of our good friends over and cook dinner together. There are few things I enjoy more!

I could add a dozen more things, but I have to make myself focus. And well, I dig this list. Here’s to 2017!

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