The Numbers (A Follow Up)

Yesterday I wrote about the engagement on Instagram versus other platforms.

Here’s a rundown of the (very) informal test numbers:

26 Likes, 144 followers
Engagement Percentage = 16%

3 Favorites, 610 followers
Engagement Percentage = .004%

5 Likes, 3131 followers
Engagement Percentage = .001%

0 Likes, 356 followers
Engagement Percentage = 0%

Not surprising by any means. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Instagram is a beast.

2 thoughts on “The Numbers (A Follow Up)

  1. This is also a bit skewed as it really only relates to *your* network and *your* content (which I believe is especially ripe for instagram engagement vs. the others).

    Still I do think instagram is a runaway freight train in-of-itself…the most interesting thing is how people are hacking it to drive business and generate revenue…no *real* data to back it up, but from my point of view it *feels* like more of the masses are doing that successfully with instagram than any of the other social networks to date…


    1. I don’t think it’s skewed to just my network. In fact I pulled a bunch of comparative numbers of (mostly) celebrity accounts. You could argue a “love” isn’t a great indicator of engagement, though I think it’s a sign at the very least. And folks are interacting at least at that level on Instagram.

      I’m not sold (no pun intended) on using other platforms as selling vehicles. Bad move in the long run.


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