The Death Of Average

When did average go away? When was it stabbed in the heart with fake, hyperbolic rhetoric?

I suppose “social media” is the culprit and the incessant desire to outdo one another…

“These pancakes are the most amazing thing ever!”
Says the person who will never return to that breakfast spot.

“Stop whatever you are doing and read this NOW! It’s incredible”
No, it’s not.

“OMG! This song is stunning, I’m in awe! Completely blown away”
Says the person who just listened to the first 15 seconds and will never listen to it again.

“I love my life so much. It’s beyond awesome”
Says the person lonely and depressed.

and my all-time favorite:

“This is AMAZEBALLS!!!”
Nope, you’re just desperate for attention and affirmation and you’re unoriginal on top of everything.

Let me let you in on a little secret – 99% of life is just average. Completely mundane and pedestrian. And there is absolutely, positively, nothing wrong with that. Nada. There is, however, great danger when inflating the routine aspects of our lives. Moments become like empty sugar highs, so ginned up with accolades they leave one feeling deflated and depressed when the attention high fades. Or worse feeling inferior to others when you are most definitely not. And sadly, the only way to overcome it, is to pump up the next experience to even more absurdly distorted levels.

Perhaps I sound like a hater. I’m not trying to be. Really I’m not. If you want to celebrate life and let the world know, by all means do it! I fully support that. But, not everything is spectacular, amazing, awe-inspiring, stupendous, awesome, incredible, breathtaking, superhuman, or astonishing. It’s just life.

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