Elizabeth Warren

I don’t like to throw my hat, mouth, or any part of me in the political circus ring. I find it all so utterly nauseating and depressing. Today’s candidates are so ridiculously uninspiring (The Republican ones are downright frightening!). And while I had great hopes for Barack Obama and still admire the man for trying, he’s proven to be far less the man and leader he promised. Nowhere near “Yes, We Can” much more “Kind Of, But Not Really”.

There is one person though that gets me so excited I had to write about it – Elizabeth Warren.

There is something special about her. I can’t even put my finger on it. And I’m still not 100% convinced if she’s genuine or just brilliantly playing the other “common sense” side. I’m gonna say it’s the former and she’s genuine. I so want to believe there are still good, honest, hard-working representatives out there willing to fight for the people instead of corporations, lobbies, and special interests.

She’s passionate, smart, energetic, and uncompromising. Most of all I love that she believes. She believes people – when banded together for a common good – can overcome the corporations and lobbyists. I believe that, too. We far out number them. That will always be our advantage.

She keeps insisting she will not run for President. And again I believe her. Sadly. I would vote for her in a heartbeat. I’m sure the Hillary camp is petrified of her entering the race. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve asked her not to. That’s just how politics works sometimes. I sure hope not. I hope the decision was Warren’s and that one day, soon, she changes her mind and runs. We need more people like her though I don’t think we’re gonna get them any time soon.

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