The Write Stuff

I haven’t had the desire to write much lately. I’m not sure why.

Mostly I suppose I’ve been so busy working and I stare at a screen enough! Also, we’ve been looking for an apartment while trying to rent our own (the process has been exhausting). And, oh yeah, I’ve got two kids, one that likes to wake up at 5am still (I’m talking about you Bean).

That said, I want to try and make time to write more. I do love hitting that Publish button, even though there aren’t a lot of people on the other end. That’s never why I started this. More so for the habit of writing daily and I’m a little bummed I haven’t been great at it the last week or so.

I’ve got a good list of ideas I want to write about, I just have to make the time and put in the energy to do so.

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