The Next Host Of The Daily Show Will Be…

Joel McHale.

That’s right. I’m calling it. Joel McHale should will take over for Jon Stewart.

If you’re thinking who the heck is Joel McHale I won’t exactly blame you. He’s probably not that super well known. Though I’ve been a fan for a long, long time. He’s hosted The Soup on E since 2004. It’s wonderfully bad in the best way. It’s irreverant, timely, and no one is safe from ridicule. Especially E the channel he works for. It’s very much the way Jon makes fun of the news media while being the news media (albeit wrapped in a comedy cloth).

Everything about Joel taking over makes sense to me.

    • He’s funny as heck
    • He, too, has a standup background
    • He’s had a career in TV and Film, but never a break out position and deserves it
    • He’s paid his dues for a long time and honed his craft while doing so
    • He’s comfortable on camera
    • He’s bright and quick-witted
    • He’s handsome without being model fake
    • He brings it every single show
    • He’s hungry
    • He’s the right age to slide into Jon’s chair
    • He’s got a good-hearted, infectious personality people will like

Really all those descriptions could have described Jon and what made him a great host.

If I had a say I’d pick Joel. I have a really strong feeling Jon and Comedy Central will as well.

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