The Lowly iPod Touch. Not So Lowly.

“The iPod is a declining business” – Tim Cook, CEO Apple

The numbers don’t lie. The iPod is dying. Sniff. Though yesterday I picked a 16gb iPod Touch up for testing Pegg. It has been probably a decade since I’ve bought and iPod (why they are dying). That said, I was and remain blown away by this latest device. For a bunch of reasons:

1) It’s only $199 for an incredibly well made piece of electronics that is essentially “unlocked”
2) It does nearly everything my iPhone does except make calls (so what) and Apple Pay (so what again)
3) Out of box experience is fantastic. Enter your Apple ID, link it up, and poof you’re up and running
4) The form factor is phenomenal. Light, yet sturdy, and fits perfectly in one hand
5) Speaking of one hand I can actually once again use an Apple device with one hand. I can’t with the iPhone 6
6) You get a charger and headphones with it ($50 of stuff right there)
7) It just “feels” right in your hand. The iPhone 6 still doesn’t to me. I always feel like I’m gonna drop it.
8) It’s a perfect size remote for Sonos

I’m sure this is most likely the last or near last iteration of the iPod. And that saddens me because it’s a fantastic device that still has tons of legs. I’m really glad I got one.
To the folks still pounding away making the iPod Touch better and better – kudos to you – it shows.

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