Peaky Blinders

I’ve been watching Netflix’s Peaky Blinders. It’s quite good. Then again I’m biased as I’ve got a soft spot for the early 1900s, racketeers, and poor boy caps.

Life seemed so interesting then though. The industrial revolution was heating up (literally). Opportunity abound. Of course (just like in the show) it was the crooks, politicians, and law that reaped all the rewards while the average Joe suffered quite remarkably. There was no such thing as “middle” class yet. They may make life look charming on TV but you can sure as hell bet it wasn’t.

It got me thinking – you’re actually seeing the same thing now with the technological revolution. Except in reverse. Only a select few with “inside” access are getting rich and the rest are hurting. Lawmakers are rigging the game, too. And the “middle class” is evaporating. There are exceptions of course, as there always are, though historically every revolution seems to play out the same. Be first, be ruthless, collect all the winnings, don’t share the rewards.

I wonder what someone in 2115 will write when there’s inevitably a series about Wall St, Banks, and Quants and how they were the gangs of the early 21st century 😉

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