Food Friday: Cravings

No Buvette for me today.

Lili’s off to DC for work, so I have the kids this am. I’ll miss my eggs (and bacon). I really look forward to them and by Wednesday I’m definitely craving them.

That got me thinking about cravings. They can be pretty intense for folks and stretch far beyond food. But, for the sake of simplicity let’s stick to just food. What do you crave?

Here’s my current top 5 cravings. Most are from back home where I grew up and I just can’t get them here so I crave them.

1) Prince St Pizza spicy pepperoni square
2) Cass’ Mart soft pretzel
3) Termini Brother’s Cannoli
4) Tony Luke’s cheesesteak (with extra cheese, fried onions, and mushrooms)
5) Mozzarella sticks from Carrabbas

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