Doubt is a bitch. At times crippling.

The good news is there is a very powerful antidote to doubt – decisiveness. It chops down doubt right at the knees rendering it powerless.

That’s why doubt will do its best to seek out its cousins indecision, hesitation, and uncertainty. Don’t let that happen. Cause if you do doubt will win.

The greats know that. Nobody writes about the doubt Steve Jobs had. You won’t find articles on Elon Musk saying he doubts himself. And Bezos seems to just exude confidence. Though here’s the thing – they all have doubted themselves, or their ideas hundreds and hundreds of times. They’re human and doubt is a very human emotion.

Though they actively fight that doubt by being decisive. Mind you they might not always be right. In fact they are probably wrong more often than they are right. But, as the great saying goes you only need to bat .300 to make it into the hall of fame. And one thing is for certain you can’t hit a homerun if you don’t decide to take the bat off your shoulder.

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