Hit And Miss

We spent the morning in Clinton Hill and parts of Boerum Hill.

There are definitely blocks that really impressed us (and the sticker prices made our eyes bulge), but there were also blocks that were positively puzzling – and not in a good way.

I’ve heard about how Brooklyn is “blowing” up and looking at the prices per sq ft it most definitely is, which is why I was so surprised to see so many houses that look blown up. We saw a ton of brownstones that were just rundown and fugly. I’m not sure if these are folks who don’t care about keeping their houses up or folks that are slowly getting pushed out, can’t afford it, and are just holding on for someone to come along and pay them a ridiculous amount for a plot of land that’s desired. I suspect the latter.

The other odd thing for both Lili and I is we could never orient ourselves. There was no definition to the neighborhoods. For instance when in Carroll Gardens you had Smith and Court. They anchored you and the shops were clustered accordingly. In Clinton Hill and Boerum Hill it seemed to be random with no clear center or focus.

I’m certain a lot of this is our own supreme ignorance of the areas because people rave about Clinton Hill and Boerum Hill. We just didn’t see it. If you’re familiar with the hoods we welcome any feedback and guidance.

Carroll Gardens remains the clear favorite. I just wish the prices there weren’t in the stratosphere.

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