Bean has entered the “why” stage of life. It’s fascinating to witness.

You can literally see her trying to make sense of the world. Amazing. Also, the why question isn’t meant to annoy on her part, it’s a construct she’s devised to make sense of events in a timeline. Except for her it works in reverse (like Leonard Shelby!). It goes like this…

Emma: “What are you doing Papi?”
Me: “Washing the dishes”
Emma: “Why?”
Me: “Because they are dirty”
Emma: “Why?”
Me: “Because we ate on them”
Emma: “Why?”
Me: “Because we were hungry”
Emma: “Why?”
Me: “Because we hadn’t eaten since lunch”
Emma: “Why?”

You get the idea. I could carry it all the way back to when she woke up that day if we had time (she does that’s for sure). I find it remarkable how she is starting to put the pieces together on her own. Investigate if you will how the world works. WHY it works. And question that. Oh, man I hope she always questions that. Always asks why. People who ask why are remarkable people. People that don’t just accept this is how it’s done so it must always been done this way are the type of people I love to be around. I’m not proposing that’s why she’s doing it, but it’s nice to think that.

Keeping asking why Bean. I’ll do my best to keep answering.

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