Hedging And Fear

Right now I’m hedging on some things with Pegg. I feel like I’m trying to cram too much stuff in because well, “You gotta have that!” But, do you? Do you really need that? In the end probably not. Though I can already hear some people’s reaction… “Where is X? Why no Y?”, “You took out what!?” So I start to hedge.

Why am I hedging? Fear. I’m afraid if we don’t have that “thing” or this “thing” it won’t connect with those folks or some other mythical user out there. Truth is cutting that thing out and a bunch of other things stands a far greater chance of connecting with an albeit smaller set of users (at first), but much more enthusiastic group.

Your product will also stand out instead of just being another app cramming it all in.

I love brilliant, simple solutions to issues. Things with constraint. And yet here I am afraid to build that.

I need to let go of that fear, trim the fat, and double down on simple.

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