Steph Curry Doubters

“He’s too small.”

“He’s too thin.”

“He won’t be able to defend NBA players.”

“He’ll never get a shot off in the NBA.”

“He’s a nice story, but will be a bench warmer in the NBA.”

“He’s a good shooter, but that’s it.”

These are just a few things the ‘experts’ said about Steph Curry while he was playing college ball at Davidson. All he did was keep shooting, keep practicing, and keep studying the game. While others doubted he simply continued to deliver. And today he’s arguably among the top 5 most valuable players in the NBA and just a joy to watch. Already he’s arguably the best “shooter” in NBA history. I have never seen anyone release as quickly and as smoothly as him that’s for sure.

I think Shaq said it best last night after Curry demolished the competition in the three point shooting contest, “It’s like watching a video game, it’s the same exact motion every time.”

I love stories like Steph Curry’s – where the doubters and haters get it completely wrong. My Sixers stink, and have no shot at even sniffing the playoffs any time soon. So, I’m rooting hard for the Warriors to take it and for Steph to get the MVP.

PS: This ESPN Chicken Curry commercial is brilliant “I don’t know, seems to like the chicken though”

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