Food Friday: Gentleman Farmer

PY and I did an early Valentine’s Day dinner last night. I wanted to take her to this little place called Gentleman Farmer. And by little I mean shoebox sized. I think it might sit 14. It’s on Rivington just off Forsyth. When I used to work at Orbital on Rivington I’d walk past Gentleman Farmer, see the candles on the table and I’d always say the same thing, “I’d like to take Lili here one night.” Well, that night was last night 🙂

We had a really nice corner table and PY took the inside slot (of course). The menu is predominantly French with a smattering of American farm-to-table influence. PY went with the curried snails to start, followed by lamb (of course). I started with a duck salad then a tournedo de boeuf with seared foie gras. Everything was super. There was some nice Spanish wine tossed in for good measure, too. We skipped dessert though the options sounded yummy.

The best part of the meal was just being alone with PY. That doesn’t happen much of late, so I was grateful for that time. And even more grateful for some of the wonderful things she said to me (really did mean a lot mi amor, gracias).

I couldn’t have asked for a better night with my gal.

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