As we move closer and closer to an entire TV/Video eco-system of On-Demand I’m actually moving closer and closer toward Cable TV as my primary means of consuming content. Not live TV mind you. Good God I can’t do that anymore unless it’s sports. I mean their On-Demand services. They have done a fantastic job in recent years of building it up. For me it’s the best On-Demand experience by far.

Currently in my apartment (I’m a bit of a tv-gadget junky) we have two DVRs (Verizon FiOS), two Apple TVs, An Xbox 360, and a Playstation 3 and two Samsung Smart TVs with wifi.  Every one of these services can stream content. And each do it well. Though the old kid on the block – the lowly cable box – is by far the best experience. Granted the User Interface isn’t ideal, but you can’t match the speed and convenience.

Here’s a simple rundown of why:

1) There is no switching inputs, powering up another device, navigating its menu, then finding what you want
2) With the Cable Box I press one button (On-Demand) and I’m done.
3) Currently FiOS has the biggest and widest selection, again all in one place.
4) FiOS also gets the newest movies the earliest (in my case).
5) There is only one account to manage and no “buy” process like Amazon for instance.
6) The big one is there is no buffering. It’s near instant. I love that.
7) One remote to manage.
8) Consistent experience across both TVs and pick up from one to the other is seamless.
9) Picture quality is superb. Other streaming services can suffer from wifi issues.

There are probably more, but this is a good start. And, yes, granted this omits Amazon Prime (which I love) and Netflix (which I still like, but no longer love) and YouTube of course. So I get that. Which is why we have all those other gadgets. Though more and more when I want to watch a movie or see something On-Demand I just turn on the TV. It’s there ready and waiting.

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