Jon Stewart

I’ve written about Jon Stewart before. I’m more than just a fan. I admire his intellect, commitment, and passion. There are few people like him, let alone people like him on TV. And it really bummed me out this evening to hear he’s stepping down from The Daily Show. I and millions of others will miss him tremendously.

Still, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Lili and I watch every single Daily Show and we’ve been commenting the last few months how uninspired the show has been and how tired Jon looked and felt. There was just something missing. The passion was not there. You could feel it as weird as that might seem.

I’ve been watching the Daily Show since it started. Before Jon. When Craig Kilborn launched it in 1996. I’ve even been to a few tapings. Once with Kilborn and twice with Jon. When Kilborn hosted it the show was very different. More silly late night than it is now (though Kilborn’s 5 Questions still remains one of the best late night conventions out there). But, Jon took it to an entirely different level. And under his helm has had some of the biggest and most moving stories of the last 15 years. Not to mention the massive careers he helped launch – most notably Steven Colbert (This Week In God is still my favorite reoccurring Daily Show segment of all time), Steve Carrell, and John Oliver.

I haven’t seen the full announcement yet (it will air tonight) so I’m not sure what’s next for Jon. I have no doubt it will be something wonderful. Still, I can’t help but be a little sad. I’m gonna miss him on the Daily Show. Big time.

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