Ignorance Is Not Always Bliss

I’ve learned a long time I don’t have all the answers and there will always be a ridiculous amount I don’t know. I’m fine with that. With one exception – when I’m supposed to know something.

Maybe it’s work

Maybe it’s something Lili and I need to handle

Maybe it’s something the kids need.

The particular situation doesn’t matter and I won’t go into details (though I have a few of these instances going on right now). The point is not knowing things that I should know really eats at me, makes feel stupid (sorry James for using that word) and stresses me out. It’s compounded when those around me are looking toward me and trusting I have the answer. And when I don’t it doubles the sting because I feel like I’m letting them down and myself.

So what do I do in those situations? I work hard to learn what I need to, though it doesn’t always come quickly. Sometimes never. Those occasions are particularly painful.

99% of the time ignorance is bliss, except the 1% of the time it isn’t.

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