We have a kitchen under counter drawer where we keep all the kids cups, bottles, bowls, and utensils. The kids know their stuff is in there so they are constantly opening and closing it to get stuff out. And not gingerly either. Add to that the fact they use the handle as their own little perfectly positioned pull up and you can begin to understand how much damage they’ve done to the bolt holes. Quite simply they’ve stripped them to death. The door has literally fallen off a few times. Not pleasant.

I’ve repaired it a few times already. Once with just bigger screws (worked for a few days) then filling the holes with wood patch (worked for a few days as well). But this last time I was determined to get a more permanent solution. Or at least one that lasted more than a few days.

Now I love DIY projects, but I don’t always know the best way to tackle them. Enter YouTube. It’s a home repair DIY godsend. If you’ve got a problem in your house I guarantee you there are dozens and dozens of helpful videos on YouTube to fix your exact issue. I still can’t get over how amazing YouTube is. Wow.

Back to my issue. Sure enough I found a few dozen videos on how to repair stripped door hinges. Some were good, some were weak, but one was so simple and ingenious I literally hit my head and was like, “Doh! Why didn’t I think of that”. The mighty golf tee to the rescue! All you need to do is dip a golf tee in some gorilla glue, tap it into the stripped hole, snap off the part of the tee hanging out, let it dry. Done. No fancy tools, no trips to the hardware store. Nada. If your hole was too small for a golf tee (mine was), you can just use a wooden dowel, or even toothpicks.

48 hours later the door is the sturdiest it’s ever been. Now I’m sure the kids will eventually rip it off it’s hinges again (they are brutal) but I’ve got a feeling this fix is gonna last a while. I just love ingenuous solutions like this to nagging problems. Especially DIY home projects. It’s amazing how simple little tricks or hacks make such a big difference. Thanks YouTube and thanks Chris! 🙂

Here’s the vid if you want to check it out:

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