Nobody Told Me There’d Be Days Like These

Having kids has been a remarkably enjoying experience. Especially for someone who never thought he would have them. One thing that shocks me though is how often they get colds. Emma is the main culprit now that she goes to preschool. I believe scientists should study preschools as they appear to be the perfect breeding ground for spreading illness. And the little man – well he’s about 50/50 being normal and being a stuffed up cranky mess. Currently he’s a stuffed up cranky mess.

What’s worse is I have already been severely sick several times this winter. Which is rare for me. For the record I once again have that yucky, itchy throat feel. And Lili is not too far behind me in feeling sick department this winter as well. Living together in a smallish apartment without a ton of fresh air (brrrrr it’s been cold) is probably complicating things.

Anyway this sick thing was never something they told you about in prenatal class. It’s not fun and it ruins a lot of plans. But, hey that’s the way things are right now so we’ll roll with it. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go help someone blow their nose.

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