We’ve got the evening routine dialed to perfection. It’s dinner as a family, hang with the kids, tubbie time, read a few books, sing a few tunes, and then bed for the kids. PY and I get a little time together after where we like to exhale and watch a little moronic TV (The Bachelor!). Then I usually do a bit more work and she reads in bed. Rinse. Repeat. It’s efficient and run like clockwork and that really helps the kids a lot going to bed. Me no so much, but I’m working on that last part.

The mornings are ok, but not as great. Wake up times vary, workout routines vary, my sleep pattens vary (I’m writing this up at 4:45am). The nanny can be late (thanks MTA). The list goes on. It’s not chaotic, but it’s not as smooth as the evenings. The one thing that we do hit every day is mom and Bean are out the door at exactly 8:15. We’ve been astonishingly good about that.

My point isn’t to shed insight onto my daily comings and goings it’s about a consistent routine and what works for us. I certainly need a routine or I’d go nuts. The kids absolutely need it or they are lost and confused. It’s not like running on a treadmill either. We’re not slaves to the routine. It’s just a helpful way to tackle the stuff that needs to get done every single day. Top of that list for us right now is meals together. That’s a biggie with me and I really strive for that. When they are older I know that will diminish. Right now, though, we control the routine and we’re making the best of it.

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