Super Sunday

The Super Bowl is today. And guess what!? The Eagles aren’t in it – again (That 2005 XXXIX lost to the same Pats team still stings. Damn). It’ll be a fun game to watch. I’m don’t care for either team really so I’ll go on record saying I’m not rooting for a team to win. Though as an NFC East fan my interest will lean toward the Seahawks.

As for who I think will win I honestly don’t know. Either way I don’t see it being a close game as past Belichick/Brady Patriots games have gone. It’s going to be an easy win for one side with a a 14 to 17 point spread. I have a strong feeling Vegas has the line wrong on this. But then again the Vegas line is never about who’s gonna win it’s all about how they can maximize and balance the distribution of bets.  It’s all about the vigorish kids! (PS: Don’t gamble unless it’s Hold ‘Em then if you are call me I’m all in).

Even more so than the game today I’m just looking forward to taking a walk with the fam to Maison Kasyer for breakfast, then working a bit (duty calls), then heading down to a friends for a small little Super Bowl party. I’ve been tasked with arguably the most important job – bring the Parm. I shall succeed.

Hope you have great day all and enjoy the game and ridiculous spectacle around it.

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