Twitter is a remarkable platform. You can’t deny that. Sadly, it can also become a ridiculously noisy cocktail party pretty quickly and my preference is something more akin to a nice dinner party. That’s why I’ve switched to what I like to call Twitter-Lite.

Here’s what I mean:

I unfollowed a ton of folks
I stopped clicking and reading and wasting time on useless links
I stopped tweeting about silly, nonsensical stuff
95% of my tweets are @ replies or messages to people to talk one on one
The big one is I deleted Twitter from my phone to prevent incessant checking
To that point I only check it a few times a week now

I’m not hating on Twitter. Not at all. Like I said, it’s an amazing platform. It was just getting too clamorous for my liking. Some people love that about Twitter. Not me. To each their own. Though, if the little blue bird has lost some luster for you or feels like it’s overwhelming your time a bit, try a few or all of the things above, it may make a difference. It has for me.

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