I like the word yes. Much more so than no. Granted I don’t say no enough, and should, but yes is just so damn attractive. It’s positive, it’s welcoming, it’s upbeat. I try my very best to be that way.

1) Do you want to go for a walk? Yes.
2) Will you help me with this? Yes.
3) Will you give me a chance? Yes.
4) Do you want to get together for dinner? Yes.
5) Will you grow old with me? Yes.

Yes means I’m a lot more busy. Yes means I put my faith in things and people and often get let down. Yes means I’m overwhelmed often and feel that weight and sometimes snap (often taking it out on Lili when she did nothing at all). Because make no mistake I’m not all sunshine, yeses, and positivity. I still complain far too much for my liking. I still get jealous way too much, and I definitely hate on way too many things that I shouldn’t even notice let alone muster the energy up to hate.

Still, I’m glad I lean toward yes. Ironically the fact I know I tend to say yes has helped me realize it’s totally fine to say no when I have to. I still don’t like saying no, but I don’t feel guilty about it anymore either. I used to, then regret not saying it, then complain about having to do the thing I don’t want to do. Now I just say no and it’s done.

But, back to yes. I love that yes has power, to the giver and the receiver. Yes spreads. Yes comes back to you.

Yes rules.

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