The Future

Lili and I have been talking a lot about “the future”. I suppose you do that when you have kids. You talk about things like school, where we’ll live (as we’ll eventually run out of room here with two kids), even what we’ll be doing. Money comes into the discussion, too, of course. After all, you have to pay the bills.

It’s prudent to plan for the future, though I wonder if we’re both missing too much of the present. I hope not. We definitely take time to be with the kids and each other. And we’re a really happy family. Still, we creep too far into the “future worry” camp at times. I don’t like it. It makes you miss a lot of the wonderfulness that’s going on in your life right at this moment.

The future is great. And I would definitely like to be around for it. Though for now I’m gonna double down on the present.

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