Toward the end of breakfast yesterday with my friend we got to talking about giving something a chance. Meaning how many chances some people give stuff. It’s a fascinating dynamic. Personally I give people/things far too many chances. I know that. Maybe it’s cliche to say, but I’m a believer (I do have the word tattooed on my arm). I always want to believe. Believe things will get better, things will improve, things will work out. I like that attitude. It’s been tested a lot in the last decade though finally the tide is swinging in the right direction of believing more and writing things off far less. I like that trend, too.

Though really I didn’t want this to be a super heavy topic (it can be for sure). Rather how many times do you give someone or something a chance? Could be something as trivial as a restaurant or a TV show or anything? Do you stick with stuff and are patient with its growth/learning curve? Or are you a quick bailer and on to the next thing?

I don’t think there is a right or wrong way (though I will add with people I think it’s a better approach to not write them off right away). As I mentioned, I’m a stick with it kind-of-guy. Though I will admit more than a few times I’ve wasted a lot of time on someone or something that just isn’t going to change, no matter how much you’re cheering for it.

In the end (and because I love baseball) the three strikes and you’re out rule feels pretty spot on to me.

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