In The Middle Of Nowhere

Dwell is a cool magazine. Sometimes a bit over the top, though most of the time has some really interesting homes. At the very least you can tell the folks in it take a tremendous amount of pride in crafting a home unique to them.

I’m especially drawn to the modern homes against barren landscapes. Something about this object in the middle of nothingness that really grabs me. So, when I saw an article titled Beautiful Homes In The Middle Of Nowhere I knew it’d hit me. And it did.

There are a lot of days I want to just move to the middle of nowhere. It’s very much my pace and style (not so much Lili’s and probably not ideal for the kids). Still, I am really feeling the pull of a home like this. Maybe even somewhere in say Sweden (again, Lili has NO interest in that).

Maybe it’ll just have to be a vacation 😉

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