2015 isn’t off to the best start for this blog. I’ve been hit pretty hard by the flu (not fun) and the posts here have been lame-o-city.

I’m definitely in a lull stage.

There are a lot of things I want to write about, but they are deeper thoughts that require more work than I seem to have the time for right now. The kids in particular are taking up a ridiculous amount of time right now, especially in the mornings. And as much I’ve enjoyed the daily habit of writing here, I much prefer that time with my kids when they are this age. I think that will pay more dividends than writing a blog post.

Overall though I’ve got some great posts lined up. I just need to be not so lazy and write the suckers. Sadly, I can’t do that today. As my daughter is so fond of saying when asked to do something and doesn’t want to right now, “Mañana”.

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