The Last Day Of The Year

Aside from putting together a top albums of the year I’m not big on year end lists. Most of these “lists” have glaring omissions or focus far too much on recent events in the last month or so. I’m also not a big fan of looking forward. Because then you overlook the present. At least I do when I focus on “down the road”.

Though I did want to take a minute or two at year’s end to say what I am grateful for right now:

1) My wife. This year she became my true partner. My equal. And I love that. We’ve been married four and a half years now and it wasn’t until now that we hit our stride. Previously we struggled a lot for “control”. We let go of a lot of that shit and tossed out a lot of resentment and contempt we were both holding onto for various reasons. It’s made a big difference. It was a joint effort and a lot of work for both of us, but I’m super proud of that. She’s an amazing woman and I’m lucky to have her. She did alright herself.

2) My kids. They, too, are starting to really shine. I finally feel like a family and not just a thing taking care of two other needy things (speaking honestly). They are good souls and we spend a ridiculous amount of time together, but I think that is paying huge dividends. I love my posse.

3) My parents, brothers, and sister. They continue to fill me with joy. I am so grateful for them. Every day I feel like I won the family lottery.

4) My friends. New and old. All the folks in my life I am truly grateful for you. Thank you. I am trying my best to be a good friend in return and hope I’m not letting you down in that area.

5) My co-workers. I love my team. We’re a small tight-knit threesome and it’s a joy to “work” with them each day. My hope for Pegg is it to be wildly successful to reward them and the investors that put their faith in me. Though deep down inside I want it to be successful just so I continue to work with them each day and do what we do – which is laugh a lot.

6) New York City. I finally kind of got NYC this year. It is what you make it. Sort of a reflection of yourself. You can get sucked into its vapidness or you can make it something special. I think I did a good job of the latter. I’ve shrunk it tremendously to my liking. I miss a ton for sure, but what I experience is mine and I wouldn’t change a thing.

7) Punks. Whit and James I can’t thank you both enough for the great times and conversations. I feel honored to know you let alone be friends. I really look forward to each event. You’re good people through and through. You can’t fake genuine.

8) My health. I’m 45. And while heavier than I’d like to be right now (gonna start working on that) I’m healthy. I don’t take that for granted.

9) I’m still like a child. I like that. I used to be embarrassed by that or would hide it. But I still like video games, and toys, and gadgets, and running around like a crazy man in the park with Bean and Sprout. I also have a child-like inquisitive mind. I’m always curious and want to learn. I hope that never changes. My greatest fear is becoming a rigid, crotchety old man.

10) Being alive. As I get older I’m moving more and more toward the position that the time we have on earth is it. There is no afterlife (I’d be totally fine with being wrong about that one). I’m grateful for my time here. Maybe that seems corny or obvious, but I don’t take it for granted one bit.

Overall I’m super happy and that feels good. I have much in my life to be grateful for and the thing that really makes me smile is I know without a shadow of a doubt I would never, ever trade places with anyone else on the planet. Sure, I wish I had more money, or a bit more success with Pegg, but I’m happy man and that feels great.

Happy 2014 all and I hope you have a great 2015.

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