Food Friday: Parm UWS


It’s the last three letters of that headline that fill me with glee – UWS.
Parm downtown in Soho was always a favorite of mine when I worked in the area and when news broke they were moving uptown and just a few blocks from my house to boot I was blown away.

Well fast forward to this week and the new Parm is open and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve already been. Twice 🙂

Parm is simple, old-school Italian sandwiches and platters in a kitschy dinner-like atmosphere. Nothing here is going to come out as super original, but all of it comes out super good. My favorite is probably the eggplant parm sandwich, but really the entire menu is chock full of Italian goodness. Speaking of menus – the UWS location’s menu is expanded with dinner options galore.

They did a great job with the old Lansky’s Diner space. The kept it open and bright and it flows super well. If the two times I’ve been (lunch and dinner) are any indication they are going to print money here because it was mobbed in both cases. And it just opened a few days ago (after a lengthy delay).

So now I’ve got a new office spot across the street from me, a ridiculously good coffee shop in JOE one block away, and Parm just three blocks away. I joke with Lili that if someone opened a Philadelphia soft pretzel shop in our neighborhood my head would explode 🙂

If you’re in the Lincoln Center / UWS area and looking for a great, affordable, friendly, delicious place to eat you found it with Parm. I’ll see you there.

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