125 Miles

When Bart, Marc, and I somehow got to talking about where we all lived over the courses of our lives, I realized I’ve always lived within 125 miles of where I was born.

I was born in Gibbstown, NJ
Went to college in Delaware and Glassboro NJ (I transferred)
Lived around the South Jersey and Philly area
Moved to New York

That’s the list. I’m a tri-state-northeast-boy.

It just never struck me it’s only been a 125 mile radius. On some level that really bothers me. Feels wrong almost. Like there is a lot of world out there and I should go live in more of it. But, I’ll admit I’m kind of afraid of that. Not scared afraid, more pretty sure I’m so used to living here I won’t like anywhere else.

The west coast never did much for me. It’s beautiful, but seems so far away and foreign from everything I’ve ever known. Same for the Southwest. Too barren for my liking. I think I’d go nuts in middle America. And the Southeast is definitely not my “thang”.

Living in Paraguay has a certain appeal. Certainly there would be financial advantages. Parts of me love that idea. Parts of me not so much.

If I had to pick a region I have always dreamed of living in it would be Europe for sure. Paris, Barcelona, Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, London. Europeans always seem so much more cultured, globally aware, and curious than ‘Mericans. Plus, I love trains and you can get anywhere in Europe on a train. Here’s an interesting fact I’ll share – living in Copenhagen appeals to me very much and I’ve never even been there. I have no idea why either. Right now workwise and kidwise all of those places will have to stay a dream.

In the end, I’m pretty sure I’ll stay right here. I mean I have all my life, right?

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