The Bean is three and a few months. And in that time period I’ve only spent three nights away from her back when she was just a few months old (PY and I went to Panama for a friend’s wedding). I’ve never been away from Niko. That’s kind of crazy, insane, and awesome all at the same time when I think about. It’s no wonder Bean and I are super tight. We’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time together.

So being here by myself, in Vegas of all places, is kind of surreal for me. Traveling alone is just not something I do. The last time I think was six years ago to Italy. Every other trip since then has been with PY pre-kids or with the kids post their arrival.

I will admit I’m enjoying the peace and quiet (another crazy thing to say while typing this from the middle of the Las Vegas strip). But I do miss my posse. They rule.

Side note – I had forgotten how wonderfully easy it is to travel alone. I can’t begin to describe how liberating it is to not have to carry two kids, strollers, diaper bags, toys, snacks, sippy cups, and extra bags (whew! haha).

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