Vegas Baby

My co-founder is in Cali, and our iOS developer is in Arizona. And me, well I’m in New York. Google Hangouts has been our friend. I’m seriously amazed at how you can have a team work together from anywhere (provided you’re “roughly” in the same time zones).

Still, we’ve been wanting to get together for a more intense roadmap session. LA was our original choice, but that didn’t pan out. So Vegas it was. It’s actually pretty convenient for all of us and since we are trying to run things obscenely lean incredibly affordable, too. For the record hotel rooms this time of year are around $30 a night.

I’m looking forward to working together later today and really setting the path for Pegg in the next six months. It’s also great to hang with Bart and Marc in person. They are really good people.

Plus, it’s Vegas. What’s not to love.

(Sidenote: I thought about putting our remaining raise on black, but decided against it)

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