The Quiet Nights

It’s the quiet nights when I notice most. A night like tonight. When Lili is out, the kids are asleep, the tv’s off and it’s just me sitting here alone.

That’s when I notice Reese is gone.

That might seem silly as it’s been over a year and a half (wow), but I still notice she’s not around. Maybe it’s because that’s when she and I would just chill together. I don’t know. I do know that dogs are easier to deal with than people. A helluva lot easier.

Dogs don’t need to talk. They don’t need to engage. They just want to be with you. And Reese was the best at just cuddling up on the couch and chilling. In fact she used to follow me around everywhere. So if I was in the kitchen she’d come sit in the kitchen. If I went to the bedroom she’d come to the bedroom and sit next to me. Then when I’d finally settle in the couch she’d come up next to me and give me that look for a second as if to say, “Ok, we’re good now, right? You’re just going sit here so I can really settle in and relax”. And I’d give her the nod, yup. She’d let out this deep sigh (for real) and just go limp. She was so happy to just sit there with me and I was so happy to just have her there at my side.

I really miss that. Still.

To me Reese had the greatest soul of anyone I ever knew. She was just a peaceful, kind, loving creature that never caused a single thing any harm. I learned so much from her. I’m still learning and on nights like tonight I still miss her.

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