Food Friday: Via Carota

I’ve watched with gleeful anticipation over the last six months the slow transformation of the old Betel space at 51 Grove into Via Carota.

I’ve peered through the windows. I asked around. You could even say I developed the equivalent of a man crush, but on a restaurant.

And then she opened and I went. And she lived up to my own self-induced hype.

To rewind a bit I’m a huge fan of Jodi Williams other joint, Buvette (yum). And I loved when she cooked at Gusto (sadly gone). And while I never had an OMG moment at i Sodi, I was happy to see Jodi was joining forces with her partner Rita Sodi on this venture. That’s why I had such high hope for Via Carota.

We got there right as they opened (5:30pm for now – soon all day like Buvette) and the place was completely empty. Made me think they were closed, but nope, we were just first! That’s what happens when you go out with a 3-year old and a 1-year old. You get to places early. (Note they don’t take resy’s and when we left at 7 it was full).

We ordered a nice mix of dishes to share and each one was a hit. The thing that really struck me though was the feel. You really did have the sense you were sitting in a small villa somewhere in the northern part of Italy. From the tables, to the chairs, to the plates it all just kind of struck the right note. For me at least. But the real test is the grub. And she’s a beaut in my book.

Here’s what we got:
Wild boar salami
And Italian cheese (don’t remember the name sorry) but it was fantastic. Think a really good soft pecorino
Crostini with goat cheese and roasted tomatoes
Baccala (fried saltled cod)
Cauliflower and Cheese
Pasta Carbonara
Fried Rabbit
Hazelnut Pudino

There wasn’t a down note for me. I’m really looking forward to going back with a bigger group and as much as I love my kids with them at home instead of my lap 🙂

Sure, the service can improve, and they’ve got to dial in some more things, but for being open a week or so, I was really happy to be there and had a great meal. She’s gonna be a regular for me no question.

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