In My Corner

I’m lucky.

There are probably a few dozen people in my life who really support me and believe in me and are true supporters through thick and thin. Now a few dozen folks doesn’t sound like all that much, but I’d argue that’s actually a ridiculously high number compared to most folks.

Like I said, I’m lucky.

I’m not rich. They still support me.
I’m not famous. They still support me.
I can’t do much for them. They still support me.
Peggsite isn’t huge (yet!). They still support me.

The rest of the folks, the ones who are just paying me lip-service, or who will jump on the bandwagon when it’s good for them to do so, well I don’t worry much about them. It’s hard for most people to look past themselves and their own self-interests. I get that. It’s best not to waste your time thinking about it is all.

I’d rather focus my energy and appreciation on the ones who are there for me day in and day out. In my corner. Cheering me on. I couldn’t do it without them. Thank you.

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