Decide. Don’t Apologize.

Here’s a tip if you’re in a leadership position. Make a decision. Convey that decision to the team in a direct manner. Then execute it. It took me a while to learn that one. Sometimes I still forget it.

What I mean is I hedge. I say things like, “I’m sorry I hate to bother you with this” or “If you think this is too hard or too much work…”. That’s a terrible way to lead. It undermines you and invites doubt into the team.

So stop it.

I need to remember that myself.

Decide and be done with it.

3 thoughts on “Decide. Don’t Apologize.

  1. Great lesson…but also remember, big decisions are not ‘set and forget’…they are decisions you willingly make over and over…don’t be afraid to change them if/when it becomes clear they are no longer the best decision.

    It applies in business…but also in life in general…you didn’t decide to be married once and then never think about it again…you decide every day to stay married (and make it a happy one)…it’s not always a conscious decision, but every day *is* filled with decisions you are making again.

    I think good leadership is more about clearly communicating the why behind decisions…if you are doing that well, the team helps drive (and gets behind) the good decisions…and that makes life easier for everyone. The tough job for the leader is in picking the right why, and then making it clear and simple to communicate…and sticking to it. 🙂


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