Food Friday: Thanksgiving Recap

So I cheated a bit this year for Thanksgiving.

I told Lili I would take care of everything and she didn’t have to worry about a thing. And that was all true, she didn’t. She assumed I’d be in the kitchen all day whipping up a masterpiece (which I have done in the past). But, instead I grabbed the goods the night before from the Gourmet Garage around the corner.

I was really happy I did. It was fantastic, cheaper than if I bought a giant Turkey, and just enough left over for some killer Turkey sandwiches for lunch today. No shame at all here admitting I didn’t cook a damn thing. In fact I’m pretty proud of it. We had a great day, everything was delicious and we got to spend the bulk of the day together just relaxing. Which we both needed.

I even nabbed her a little apple pie, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream since she asked for a dessert she would like. Ha.

Plus, the Eagles crushed the Cowboys in the afternoon game. So the entire day was a giant win!


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