I’m Thankful I Get To Wipe The Floor Every Morning.

As odd as that headline sounds, hear me out…

Each morning I sit with my family and have breakfast. And on those mornings, after we’re all done eating I clean up as Lili gets ready for work (it’s just how our schedules break).

In any event most mornings I end up down on my hands and knees wiping up the mess my three and one-year-old just made. And when I’m down there I say to myself, “Do you think Elon Musk gets down on his hands and knees like this every morning? Or how about Lloyd Blankfein? Or Bill Gates? Of course not” I mutter. And I’m overcome with this sense of being a 44-year old loser.

Then I think about it a second longer and realize I’m not a loser at all. I’m a really, really good dad. And I love being a dad. And I love having breakfast with my family. And it’s an absolute treat I get to do it each morning. I’m certain a lot of folks wish they could do precisely that. Heck I’m certain a ton of folks out there have it far, far more difficult. So, sure, I may not be as “successful” as other folks professionally, but I’d stack my “life” up against anyone’s any day of the week and I know I’d come out on top. And I’m beyond thankful for that.

That’s why now when I’m down there scrubbing eggs, or syrup, or milk off the legs of the table for the umpteenth time I just smile and know how lucky, grateful, and thankful for all I have in my life and how I get this privilege every single day. To put it another way: I’m the richest man in Bedford Falls – ain’t that right Clarence 😉

Here’s to hoping you find thanks and peace and joy in your own “life”. I guarantee you there’s much to be found there.

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