Politics. Politics. Politics. Politics. Politics.

Yesterday my friend, Fred, wrote a post on Obama and Immigration. Without even looking at the 795 comments (yes 795 as of this morning) I can guarantee you it’s a shit show of polarizing opinions.

As a practice I steer clear of political discussions and policy debates. The atmosphere has become far too acrimonious. Opinions are treated as facts and every single stance is dissected and parsed. People seem to have lost all objectivity. Ultimately all political “discourse” devolves into one side simply trying to shout over the other. It’s nauseating to watch and infuriating to take part in. So I avoid it.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion. I definitely do and if you ever want to share a coffee and have a civil discussion I’m game. And by all means stay educated on the issues, vote, listen (politely) to other people’s opinions and views, and offer yours, but realize it’s just that – an opinion. All of that is super healthy and needed to move us forward as a nation. But, stay out of the cesspool of ideology and muckraking world of political “debates”. Especially online ones. You’ll be a helluva lot happier. Trust me.

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