Jeep Drain Plugs

I woke up this morning thinking of an old story about my Jeep. I have so many great old Jeep stories its not even funny. But the one that popped into my head this morning for some reason was when I learned Jeeps have drain plugs in their frames.

I was down the shore visiting my parents and left the top off the Jeep overnight. Of course it poured! I woke up to find my Jeep filled with about 2 feet of water. I wasn’t happy about it that’s for sure. I remember going and grabbing a beach bucket and slowly starting to bail out my car (that’s a funny sentence to write now). I’m about two minutes in when Angela comes out and says, “You know Jeeps have drain plugs right?”

For a brief second I felt incredibly stupid. Then I feigned like of course I knew that, I was just doing it the hard way for a workout. Eventually I fessed up and said, “No, but that’s great news.” I chucked the bucket pulled back the soaking wet floor mats and rugs and there they were. Beautiful drain plugs. I pulled a few of them and the water rushed out all on its own in just a few minutes. It was the coolest thing.

Thinking back a few things struck me now:

1) Sometimes problems have simple solutions. Look for them.

2) A bunch of folks must have had the same problem so someone very smart thought of something very simple to alleviate their pain. Just put a few rubber plugs in the bottom of the frame and voila. Brilliant. Problem solved.

3) But, having a solution no one knows about though (you’re never told Jeeps have drain plugs in the frame when you buy one). Isn’t a great solution. Make sure your users know.

4) Experience (typically a painful one) often reveals wonderful answers on how to move forward.

5) Lastly, don’t let your pride get in the way. Listen to others. Especially when they know more than you. It will save you a lot of headache and make them feel good about themselves.

Yeah sure, you’re probably thinking these are way too deep takeaways from some drain plugs. Maybe you’re right. Maybe you’re not. I think we can learn a lot from the simplest experiences in life. In any event this was in my head. Probably for a reason. So I’ll use the lessons it taught me.

I still really miss the shit out of that Jeep. That was a great car that carried me everywhere (literally) for 13 years.

Here’s a video of where the plugs are on a 2012 JK if you’re interested. I had a sweet ’93 (man I miss that Jeep). My plugs were in the same basic spots. That’s another thing I’ve always loved about Jeeps. They haven’t changed much in 80 years.

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