The top music service out there is YouTube

I never used to think of YouTube as a music service. And I suppose technically it’s not. It’s a video service. But, here’s a not so secret-secret. YouTube is the largest, most-popular, most catalog-rich online music service out there. It’s not even close.

Hype Machine
(insert any other music service)

They’d all kill for just a sliver of YouTube’s “listening” audience. And I’m not even talking about VEVO which is a juggernaut all on its own. I’m just talking about regular old vanilla YouTube.

Do this. Go there. Search for a song. Any song. Three amazing things will happen.

1) Search will actually work and return what you are looking for (refreshing)

2) They’ll have the song you’re looking for (equally refreshing)

3) You can play it with a click. You don’t need to “sign-up”. It’s not a shitty :30 second preview. It’s the song for you to listen to and enjoy in an instant. Platform agnostic. It’s a beautiful thing.

In a very short time YouTube without even really trying all that hard (my guess) has become “the” major player in the music space. Don’t believe me? Ask any kid under 25 where they go to discover, listen, or share music. You know what, I’ll save you the time – they’re gonna say YouTube.  Now, personally I don’t love YouTube for listening. It’s not really designed for on-going, heavy-duty listening (I’m an Rdio guy). But, there’s no question it’s unmatched for finding nearly any song on the planet and being able to listen to it in its entirety.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it agin. YouTube was an absolute steal for Google. Even while paying 1.65 Billion (a billion OVER it’s 600MM valuation at the time of its purchase) they got it cheap. Google saw it. Saw where it was headed. And through fantastic execution it not only got there, it’s surpassed its wildest dreams.

PS: Check out this beautiful song. I found it on YouTube and was able to embed it on Peggsite in two seconds. I couldn’t do that with any other service.

2 thoughts on “The top music service out there is YouTube

  1. Ha! Don’t know if you saw it, but this is what I posted to Tumblr yesterday:

    “Listen to this, enjoy, and then if you’re so inclined swing over to the world’s leading music service for I’m a Mindless Idiot. And while you’re there, you can give a listen to Taylor Swift’s new album and think about the music industry.” 🙂


    1. Ha, too funny. Missed that. And your Taylor Swift comment. Which makes my Tweet this morning even more freaky since we’re on the same mindwave…


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