Cosme == Legit

It’s rare when “the” hot new NYC restaurant lives up to its own hype. Even more rarified air is when it exceeds it.

Cosme does that. It occupies its own stratosphere.

Last night PY and I went for her birthday (I know I’m a great husband). We had a really great time. It’s hard to get a table but I managed to sweet talk the hostess to nab an 8:45 spot on a Tuesday night. Not ideal, but hey we were in and we were kid-free so it was fine with us. 😉

The food was absolutely amazing. It’s Mexican, and all the familiar flavors of Mexican are there, but trust me, you’ve never had Mexican done like this. The thing that struck us both was how perfectly balanced every dish was. You never had to reach for the salt, and never said to yourself, “This would be better if it had less of X”. You just said, “This dish is amazing” and enjoyed it. And got a little sad you had to share it. Ha

Here’s the rundown of what we had:

Quesadillas (super, soft, fluffy, cheesy, perfect)
Cobia (raw cobia fish with jalapeño and pineapple. This was our fav)
Octopus with avocado (wonderful, again, but just a tad off, the only non-wow dish)
Lobster (soft, barely cooked, and divine)
Duck Carnitas (other worldly. maybe the best duck dish I have ever had)

For two, ordering 5 things is right around the sweet spot. We skipped dessert. We were full and nothing was really hitting us. Plus it was late and we wanted to go home.

For me there were some down notes and they had to do more with the space. It’s cold and looks unfinished. The crowd is a lot of uppity NYC douchebags and that’s not my thang, and the pace is on the slow side. These are minor quibbles and really little ticky tack shit I need to get out of my own head. Most folks (99.9%) won’t be bothered or even notice these things.

Overall I can’t say enough good things. Place is legit. I’d like to get back with a bigger group of friends and just demolish the menu. That would be a helluva good time.

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