To Do

I’m a To Do List kind of guy.

Currently I’m using Wunderlist. It’s solid and does what it’s supposed to do (it makes lists!) and they finally got the sync working reliably across desktop and devices. I probably keep about a dozen or so lists in Wunderlist: Work, Personal, Books To Read, Restaurants To Try, Movies To See, Articles To Read, Blog Post Ideas, etc. You get the idea. Like I said, I like lists.

For really important stuff – like stuff that has to get done that day I still like handwriting out my list on a little piece of paper and then scratching each one off as I do them. Something visceral about running that line through something I can’t shake. Beats a click in a checkbox any day of the week. Odd I feel that way, but I do.

Do you make lists? If so, what do you use?

2 thoughts on “To Do

  1. Was just thinking aout this the other day. Currently on Moleskine lists. Was thinking about hacking together a personal to-do list from – web-based Clear, with a quick login to be able to add from web and phone (an important thing for me).


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