A Beautiful Sunrise

A year or so ago I tried the Sunrise calendar app. It was a good app, but I didn’t connect with it for a bunch of reasons. I quickly abandoned it and went with Google’s default calendar (which itself isn’t all that).

Though I kept seeing Sunrise popping up. Invites from friends, an article here, an app store feature there, so I decided to give it another shot. When I did I was really blown away by how much it had improved. The integrations with other calendars are now super tight and just work, and the UI/UX is flat (literally) out gorgeous. It also hits that amazing balance of feeling light and easy, while feature deep. Everything is there, just where you need it. The biggest thing for me is it supports multiple Google accounts (for instance my personal Google account and my work Google account) in one calendar. That’s huge! You can’t even do that with Google itself – crazy. Now though, I can create, accept, and manage anything from ONE screen. Hallelujah! They even have a standalone desktop client for Mac which I love because I’m a dedicated app guy as opposed to leaving a tab open in a browser.

The main takeaway for me though is Sunrise has been around for a while. Ions in startup world time. They don’t make any money and I’m not sure how they even will (acquisition?) but they are plugging away day after day improving their app. I’d imagine they had the vision of where they wanted to be all along. It just takes a looooooooooong time to get there. Nice to see them and their investors stick with it. Sadly, too many VCs and the startup world in general focus on the next big thing. The next billion dollar exit. The next “rocket-ship”. I get it, that powers the next fund. That gets you the cache. And you need those 5, 10, 20x returns. But, I can’t help but think there are far far more fantastic companies out there plugging away that get better and better and build really useful products that the world needs. They just take time. VCs and users need to get behind them and give them that long runway to take off (granted these companies need to do everything in their power to keep their burn ridiculously low).

It makes me really happy to see a team like Sunrise continue to get the chance to do just that. I hope they get to do it for a long time to come. It’s a great platform now. It just took a little time for them to rise.

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