Food Friday: Friday Night Pizza Night (#FNPN)

We used to be pretty great about making homemade pizza every Friday night. We even had a rotating cast of characters and friends who would join us. There were copious carbs and flowing wine. Friday Night Pizza Night was our “thang”.

Then the kids arrived (jerks! ha). They kind of put a kibosh on things or more aptly slowed everything to a crawl. Fridays would come and go with no events. Worse, of late FNPN has been completely non-existent. Granted we still have pizza each Friday, I’ve just been too busy or too lazy to make it. Some Fridays we even ordered Dominos. Fucking Dominos! I’m embarrassed by that (but just slightly, because sometimes it is fun to slum it).

But enough is enough. I’m calling it. Friday Night Pizza Nights are back on. Big time.

We’ve got some good friends already lined up and I can’t wait to hang with them. They are good peeps. Real peeps. The kind of peeps I like to be around. Some are old, some are new. All are special to me.

FNPN is always a great night, with good pies (I really do make a wickedly good homemade pie). Plus, PY will get her beloved glass(es) of wine and that will make her happy which makes me very happy. I’ve always looked forward to FNPN and now am looking forward to them more than ever.

Prep the dough. Warm the stones. Grab the peel. It’s on!

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