Twitter. You’re Losing Me.

My enthusiasm for Twitter ebbs and flows. For some stretches I’m big into it, others I don’t like it or use it at all. Yet, I do still “check it” every day and probably have for years. That says a lot about the fantastically sticky service they’ve built and how it’s engrained into society. Kudos to them for that.


Lately I’ve found myself wanting to check it less and less. And each time I do it’s more and more annoying. That’s not a good feeling at all and it’s really souring me to the Twitter experience. I thought I could control it by unfollowing a lot of folks. I did that and it helped a bit but not much becauseTwitter itself has been getting out of hand injecting things into my timeline. I don’t like that one bit.

I’m seeing way more promoted tweets than ever, and tons of “X Follower Favorited X” Tweets. They are annoying (there’s that word again you don’t want associated with your service). I get it. Twitter needs to keep growing (and is having a hard time with that and engagement). They need to drive more folks to sign up or have the folks who are on the platform see more “stuff” to then sell more ads against. It’s a vicious cycle and me as the user is being thrust into the middle of it and I don’t care for it.

Again, I’m a fan of Twitter. It really is quite a remarkable story. They rode the coattails of Facebook’s ascension and even at a tiny fraction of Facebook’s size somehow got lumped side by side with them. Again, props to them, smart move.

But they ain’t Facebook. Twitter was always about controlling your own timeline. Seeing what you want to see. Following what you want to follow. Yeah, that changed a while ago and maybe it’s just me who hasn’t caught up to that notion. Perhaps I never will. I still like Twitter. It’s a great broadcasting and communications channel. It’s just not a great experience anymore for me and that stinks.

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