The Right System

Last night the Eagles beat the Carolina Panthers quite handedly, even with their backup quarterback, Mark Sanchez. (Go Eagles!)

Sanchez has been much maligned. Some of it justifiable some of it not. He started out great, going to two AFC Championship games back to back with the Jets. Then it went south. Really south. There was even a butt fumble involved. From there the dude was just shot. His coach, the ridiculously incompetent Rex Ryan didn’t help much. If fact I’d posit he made it much, much worse.

But I wonder. Does a system matter that much that it can overcome that? I posit it can. And I think Sanchez is finally in the right system, with the right coach, surrounded by the right players. And the results are showing that. Yeah, it’s two games in, so I’m not ready to call this a fact, more a theory I’m working on. Though it predates Sanchez. For example I full believe you could have inserted nearly any “competent” quarterback into the Bill Walsh 49s of the ’80s. His west coast system was just so ahead of every one else they couldn’t even figure out what was going on, let alone defend it. I think you’re seeing shades of that with Chip Kelly and the Eagles. He’s inventing plays folks haven’t seen before. And he’s single-handedly changing the pace of the play. His systems is proving it works. Sanchez is merely a part of that system. But it’s the system that matters, not its parts. It’s a powerful concept to ponder.

Of course you can overlay this into anything in life. Say like business. Maybe someone who’s a terrible employee with one company, is a great one at another. What you want it to fit people into the proper place, yes, but more importantly you want to make sure there is a system around them that they feel comfortable in and will help ensure they succeed. I think that’s the key. And I think that’s what you’re seeing with Sanchez. You can really say the same exact thing for their starting quarterback Nick Foles. Again it’s more the Chip Kelly system than the individual players, because is either a top tier quarterback? No way. But the system around them overcomes any weaknesses. I find that fascinating. It will be interesting to see how it plays out and if it holds up. As an Eagles’ fan I sure hope it does.

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