The New Routine

I haven’t been happy with my routine. I’m not sleeping well. Not eating all that great. Not working out consistently. And I waste too much time on devices when I don’t need to be (computers, phones, and TVs).

So, I’m gonna change up my routine. After all if you want change then you have to change.  Stay tuned as I figure it out and dial it in and I’ll report back. One thing is for sure I need to get back to walking in the park in the mornings more. I get to do it on Saturdays and Sundays and I love it. I need it. That’s gotta be a part of my daily routine somehow. I want to read more, too. Right now the vast bulk of my reading is online (not ideal) or magazines (slightly better). I’d like to read more books. Good books. Recommendations are welcomed.

Overall I need a change. I’m almost a walking zombie now with the poor sleep thing going on a few months and that’s not good. I look like shit and feel worse. It’s not me.

Semi-Related: When I moved to NYC I made a promise to myself to get back to the Philly area once a quarter to see my family and friends and just visit the city and my favorite spots. That hasn’t happened. I barely get there once a year. And it’s less than 100 miles away. That’s just sad. I need to change that, too.

2 thoughts on “The New Routine

  1. change starts today!

    commute == walk across park, subway down to office (read a physical book on subway)
    exercise == if you can’t work out in a given day, add more walking and/or add 10 pushups every hour (or something similar). point is to do ANYTHING which is better than NOTHING
    bedtime == read physical book before bed, too
    PHI == plan quarterly visits in advance and just commit to them 100%. book tix so you don’t want to back out

    hacks // optimize home screen on phone for the things you want more of in your life. ie. hide the time-wasting apps, and first-screen the good stuff (ie. hide Twitter, show Surfline!). this reminds you to go do the things you’re trying to optimize for


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