Wait A Minute

Yesterday Sprout and I went up to the T-Mobile store on 77th and Broadway to get my and Lili’s new iPhones set up (yay!). I’d say it was around 11:30am (they open at 11). The store was already crowded (good for T-Mobile). Anyway, I gave the very nice and friendly woman my name and she put us on the wait list to be helped. There were two customers in front of us. No big deal. We had no problem waiting. Really. None. I’m not trying to sound like a ridiculously patient saint. I’m not. But, I get it folks are being helped, there are only so many associates in the store. Do the math. Its a no-brainer.

Or so I thought.

What I witnessed was the most gross display. Person after person would come in, be told they had to wait a short bit for help and proceed to lose their shit. I mean it, too, like really lose their shit. First a sweet-looking, older woman came in trying to pay her bill. When she was told to wait she started yelling at the women (yes yelling right from the start) – “WHY WON’T YOU JUST TAKE MY MONEY YOU IDIOT!” I was really taken a back. Even Sprout (who’s 1) was like chillax lady.

Then another man who wanted a new phone just started grumbling in Spanish (muy mal ja ja) turned around and left. Another couple from Europe gasped at the wait, then too left. Another women came in and said, “This is a fucking joke.” (Sidenote: Why in New York City is it socially acceptable to curse right in front of a one-year old? Happens all the time and surprises me people don’t give a crap about doing it.)

And the people who did stay sat next to us and just huffed under their breath. Repeatedly. More than once a few lobbied us to join in on their complaining. Sprout held firm with his chillaxing. I was proud of him. Ha ha.

In all seriousness when did we as a society lose the ability to just wait. To sit. For maybe what 5 whole minutes? Is it that hard? No, it’s not, but we’ve become so engrained with instant gratification we can’t do it anymore. We’re a bunch of spoiled little piss ants who want it and want it now dammit. On top of that if we somehow do manage to get in a line we can’t do it without checking our phone 500 times in two minutes. It’s inane. We’re all wound up as a society over nothing. Over sitting comfortably in a store for a person to serve us. Baffling.

It just really bothered me and made me super conscious of how stupid you look when you’re impatient like that.

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